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102 Management of ATM performance in operational concept development and validation: a case study Jelmer J. Scholte, Henk A.P. Blom, J.C. (Hans) van den Bos, Roy B.H.J. Jansen ATM Performance Measurement and Management
105 An efficient airspace configuration forecast David Gianazza, Cyril Allignol, Nicolas Saporito Dynamic Airspace and Capacity Management
110 Evaluation of Triple Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Procedures for Off-nominal Cases Savita Verma, Thomas Kozon, Sandra Lozito, Deborah Ballinger, Gordon Hardy, Ramesh Panda, Diane Carpenter, Darell Wooten, Herbert Resnick Innovative ATM Concepts
114 Human Factors Assessment of Runway Status Lights and Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal FAA Operational Evaluations at Dallas Ft. Worth and San Diego International Airports Maria Kuffner, Robert Perkins Human Factors
115 US/ Europe comparison of ATM-related operational performance John Gulding ATM Performance Measurement and Management
116 Scheduling Aircraft Landings to Closely Spaced Parallel Runways Michael Kupfer Airport Operations
121 Validation of Runway Capacity Models Amy Kim, Mark Hansen ATM Performance Measurement and Management
122 Development of Flight Inefficiency Metrics for Environmental Performance Assessment of ATM Tom Reynolds Environmental Impacts in ATM System Design and Operation
124 Identification of Robust Routes using Convective Weather Forecasts Diana Michalek, Hamsa Balakrishnan Weather
125 A Model for Determining Ground Delay Program Parameters Using a Probabilistic Forecast of Stratus Clearing Lara Cook, Bryan Wood Weather
126 Bet on both sides of the coin to improve the organizational climate: The impact of congruent task and role clarity between leaders and staff Johan Jönsson, Marcus Arvidsson, Curt R Johansson Human Factors
128 Optimizing Airspace Sectors for Varying Demand Patterns using Multi-Controller Staffing Shin-Lai Tien, Robert Hoffman Dynamic Airspace and Capacity Management
130 Risk-Benefit Analysis of Advanced Air Transportation System Technologies Using Logic Gate Models Stephen Eisenhawer, Terry Bott, John Foggia, Sherilyn Brown, Kurt Neitzke, Michael Sorokach Innovative Methods for Safety Assessment
132 Analysis of Continuous Descent Benefits and Impacts During Daytime Operations Sanjiv Shresta Continuous Descent Approaches
134 Equitable Allocation of Enroute Airspace Resources Nasim Vakili Pourtaklo, Michael Ball Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
138 Initial Evaluation of NextGen Air/Ground Operations with Ground-Based Automated Separation Assurance Thomas Prevot Separation
141 Lateral Intent Error’s Impact on Aircraft Prediction Mike Paglione, Greg McDonald, Ibrahim Bayraktutar, Jesper Bronsvoort Trajectory and Queue Management
143 4D-Trajectory Deconfliction Through Departure Time Adjustment Nicolas Barnier, Cyril Allignol Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
145 Linking Traffic Management to the Airport Surface: Departure Flow Management and Beyond Nathan Doble, John Timmerman, Ted Carniol, Mark Klopfenstein, Midori Tanino, Ved Sud, Kareena Nair Airport Operations
146 ERASMUS Strategic Deconfliction to Benefit SESAR Fabrice Drogoul, Philippe Averty, Rosa Weber Innovative ATM Concepts

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