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147 Air Traffic Flow Management in the Presence of Uncertainty John-Paul Clark, Senay Solak, Yu-Heng Chang, Liling Ren, Adan Vela Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
148 Estimation of Separation Buffers for Wind-Prediction Error in an Airborne Separation Assistance System Maria Consiglio, Sherwood Hoadley, Danette Allen Separation
149 The Area Flow Multi-Sector Planner: A Fast-Time Study of MSP Coordination Activities Carolyn Sorensen, Ian Crook, Diana Liang, Richard Jehlen Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
151 Use of Queuing Models to Estimate Delay Savings from 4D Trajectory Precision Mark Hansen, Tasos Nikoleris, David Lovell, Kleoniki Vlachou, Amedeo Odoni Trajectory and Queue Management
152 Evaluating a New Formulation for Large-Scale Traffic Flow Management Andrew Churchill, David Lovell, Michael Ball Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
153 Delay Impacts onto Turnaround Performance Hartmut Fricke, Michael Schultz Airport Operations
155 Assessing the Role of Operator, Passenger, and Infrastructure Costs in Fleet Planning under Fuel Price Uncertainty Megan Smirti, Mark Hansen Finance and Policy
158 Progress on Joint FAA/Eurocontrol Effort to Develop an ICAO Wake Turbulence Re-Categorization Steven Lang Separation

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