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This paper describes the approach used to develop a Safety Culture Measurement Toolkit (SCMT) for European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). The concept of safety culture has achieved increasing currency over the past twenty years and is now applied extensively in a number of high reliability industries including nuclear, oil and gas, manufacturing and rail, as well as the medical sector. Following a review of the safety culture literature from 2001-2005, a thematic model of safety culture was developed and items were generated from interviews with ATM personnel to reflect these themes. A questionnaire was developed, validated by ATM safety managers and deployed in eight geographically dispersed ANSPs across Europe. The questionnaire provided a ‘snapshot’ of the state of safety culture within the ANSP and the second phase of the SCMT involved feedback of results in workshops with ANSP personnel to reflect on the responses and determine ‘why’ the state of safety was perceived the way it was and how safety could be improved within the organization. Such approaches are now being applied across Europe in an effort to raise the level of safety culture in European ANSPs prior to the next ‘generation’ of ATM called SESAR, whose implementation phase begins 2013. This toolkit development is therefore also being strongly coordinated with FAA, who have similar safety culture ambitions for the US ATM system and its transformation via NextGen, and CANSO whose ambitions are for global improvement of safety culture in its ANSP members.
Theme: Human Factors
Keywords: ATM, Safety Culture, Techniques, Validation
Posted by: Kathryn Mearns / Other authors: Barry Kirwan, Richard Kennedy
Note: Unset Received On Jan 21, 2009

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