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Paper 30 -- Departure Scheduling in a Multi-airport System

In this paper, we consider a scheduling problem for multi-airport departure flights. A mathematical model is presented for sequencing departure flights in different airports within one terminal area. Due to the traffic influences between airports, both airport runways and departure routes are considered in the model. Moreover, practical issues that affect the implementation of the schedule are also carried out by the Constraint Position Shifting (CPS). Then a tabu search algorithm is developed and implemented to obtain reasonable solutions within acceptable computation times. Finally, we apply the proposed model and algorithm to a real case study of Shanghai Terminal Area with departure flights from Shanghai HongQiao International Airport and Shanghai PuDong International Airport. The computational results validate the proposed model and show the advantage of the algorithm. Efficient scheduling flights for takeoff can fully utilize critical resources and reduce the impact of traffic interaction between airports.
Theme: Trajectory and Queue Management
Keywords: Air Traffic Flow Management, Departure Scheduling, Multi-airport System
Posted by: Yanjun Wang / Other authors: Minghua Hu, Dong Sui, Yong Tian, Jianming Zhan
Note: Unset Received On Jan 22, 2009

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