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Paper 44 -- Integrating optimization and simulation to gain more efficient airport logistics

In this paper we present airport logistics, which is a framework of resource management in the air transportation system. Focus is on the processes supporting turn-around. A detailed simulation model of various processes involved in turn-around is developed, by which the interaction between these processes are analyzed. We show that integrating optimization and simulation is a powerful tool to demonstrate efficiency improvements in airport logistics, using scheduling de-icing trucks as an example. An optimization algorithm for scheduling de-icing trucks is developed and simulations are performed comparing different schedules. The schedule obtained when considering total airport performance in the optimization algorithm gives minimum flight delay and waiting times in the simulations.
Theme: Airport Operations
Keywords: airport, de-icing, logistics, optimization, simulation, turn-around
Posted by: Tobias Andersson Granberg / Other authors: Anna Norin, Peter Värbrand, Di Yuan
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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