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Paper 55 -- Airport CDM Network Impact Assesment

The Airport CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) project aims to improve the overall efficiency of operations at an airport, with a particular focus on the aircraft turn-round procedures. One of the main outputs of the CDM process will be a very accurate Target Take Off Time which will not only enhance ground planning but can be used to improve en route planning as well. Munich Airport is the first airport to be considered fully Airport CDM compliant and has demonstrated the local benefits such as a reduction in average taxi times and an improvement in CFMU CTOT conformance. However, one of the aims of the Airport CDM project is to supply the CFMU with accurate Target Take Off Times in order that the CFMU can use them to more accurately plan the management of the whole of the European airspace. The aim of this study was to measure what the affect would be on the network if more airports were to implement Airport CDM and provide the CFMU with accurate Target Take Off Times via DPI messages. The study conclude that, •Munich Airport currently has the most accurate take off estimate of the 42 airports considered in the study and this accuracy was used as the baseline for those airports in order to evaluate the impact on sector capacities within the European area. •The results show a potential sector capacity increase within the European area of up to 4% which equates to between 1-2 aircraft per sector. •The impact of Airport CDM on delays has highlighted a room for improvement of between 33%-50%. The positive results recorded in this study show that the expected benefits of Airport CDM implementation could extend from the local airport environment to the Network.
Theme: Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
Keywords: Airport, CDM, Capacity and Demand
Posted by: Eduardo GOÑI MODREGO / Other authors: Mihai-George IAGARU
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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