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Paper 82 -- Effects of Fuel Prices and Slot Controls on Air Transportation Performance at New York Airports

Industry strategists and government regulators have focused on addressing concerns over the performance of the air transportation system with respect to delays. Emphasis has been placed on managing the problems at New York slot controlled airports, since 12% of flight delays have been attributed to flights passing through New York. This paper examines the effect of increased fuel prices on the performance of the air transportation system. Analysis identified that the number of markets served and the flights operated have remained constant in the presence of increased operational costs (+59%). Revenue has increased 29% through changes in airfares and the use of smaller aircraft (down 3%), while keeping service to all markets. With aircraft size changes and scheduling adjustments, flight delays have been reduced by 14% in 2008. The effects of seasonality are also discussed.
Theme: Finance and Policy
Keywords: Economic analysis, Elasticity curves, Longitudinal analysis, Performance metrics, airport delays, market analysis, metroplex
Posted by: John Ferguson / Other authors: Karla Hoffman, Lance Sherry, Abdul Qadar Kara, Guillermo Calderon
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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