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Paper 84 -- Assessment of the Aviation Environmental Design Tool

A comprehensive Tools Suite to allow for thorough evaluation of the environmental effects and impacts of aviation is currently being developed by the U.S. This suite consists of the Environmental Design Space (EDS), the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), and the Aviation environmental Portfolio Management Tool (APMT). A key priority is that environmental analyses are informed with the associated uncertainty from the tools, inputs and assumptions used in the analysis process. As part of the development of the Tools Suite, an assessment of each tool and a system-wide analysis of the entire suite are being undertaken. This assessment includes sensitivity to inputs and fidelity analyses that will provide an indication of uncertainty in analyses performed using the Tools Suite. Completion of the assessment and evaluation effort described herein is a key element of the development process. This paper presents a summary of the Tools Suite assessment and evaluation effort as it pertains to the AEDT component. AEDT takes detailed fleet descriptions and flight schedules and produces estimates of noise, fuel burn and emissions at global, regional and local levels. The AEDT component of the suite will be a publicly available regulatory tool within the U.S. This paper conveys the work completed so far and provides some insight into some of the findings.
Theme: Environmental Impacts in ATM System Design and Operation
Keywords: Modeling, assessment, environmental, uncertainty
Posted by: George Noel / Other authors: Doug Allaire, Stuart Jacobson, Karen Willcox, Rebecca Cointin
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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