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Paper 86 -- A Market Mechanism to Assign Air Traffic Flow Management Slots

We propose a market mechanism based on auctions, which could constitute an efficient tool to assign Air Traffic Flow Management delays to flights at a tactical level, when a mismatch between demand and capacity is detected for a specific system resource. Such a mechanism constitutes an improvement to the monolithic central allocation employed today, because the current First Planned First Served solution is taken as the baseline from which a more efficient one is iteratively searched in the solution space. We prove that each actor is better-off when the mechanism converges to an optimal solution. This mechanism actively involves users in the decision making process while respecting at the same time the concepts of transparency, equity, efficiency and non disclosure of airlines private information, as advocated by the User Driven Prioritization Process in the SESAR Target Concept.
Theme: Finance and Policy
Posted by: Andrea Ranieri / Other authors: Lorenzo Castelli
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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