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Paper 91 -- Improvement of thunderstorm hazard information for pilots through a ground based weather information and management system

The development and outcome from first evaluations of the thunderstorm weather information management system ‘CB WIMS’ in the EU project FLYSAFE is described. Preliminary results from a flight test campaign carried out in summer 2008 involving two aircraft are presented. They lead to the conclusion that information about thunderstorm hazards delivered from ground based CB WIMS through a ground weather processor and satellite communication to an aircraft could help to improve the pilot’s awareness of the weather situation and assist in flight planning particularly in complex thunderstorm situations where the on-board radar cannot provide the pilot with the full situation due to scanning geometry and radar beam attenuation.
Theme: Weather
Keywords: weather information on board
Posted by: Arnold Tafferner / Other authors: Caroline Forster, Stéphane Sénési, Yann Guillou
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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