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Paper 145 -- Linking Traffic Management to the Airport Surface: Departure Flow Management and Beyond

Airport surface operations are largely managed tactically today, and there is little linkage between surface operations and traffic flow management (TFM) decision-making for other National Airspace System resources. The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) envisions airport operations that are more strategically planned, and which are better aligned with traffic management initiatives for terminal area and en route airspace. This paper describes the Departure Flow Management (DFM) capability, which translates TFM constraints to departure timing decisions and is an interim step in the evolution to NextGen. Results from DFM prototype field trials are presented. In addition, the Tower Flight Data Manager capability is introduced, which will further integrate TFM constraints with airport surface processes, including taxi planning and pre-pushback gate operations.
Theme: Airport Operations
Keywords: airport, departure, surface, traffic flow management
Posted by: Nathan Doble / Other authors: John Timmerman, Ted Carniol, Mark Klopfenstein, Midori Tanino, Ved Sud, Kareena Nair
Note: Unset Received On Jan 24, 2009

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