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Paper 151 -- Use of Queuing Models to Estimate Delay Savings from 4D Trajectory Precision

The potential benefit from introducing trajectory based operations into the NAS is estimated in this paper. Delay predictions of a stochastic and a deterministic queuing model, which represent high and low levels of trajectory uncertainty, are compared. It is found that delay savings are on the order of 35% in the average case, Delay predictions from the various models are found to be strongly collinear over a wide range of congestion levels.
Theme: Trajectory and Queue Management
Keywords: 4D trajectories, NextGen, delay savings, queuing model
Posted by: Mark Hansen / Other authors: Tasos Nikoleris, David Lovell, Kleoniki Vlachou, Amedeo Odoni
Note: Unset Received On Jan 27, 2009

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