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3 Context-Sensitive Speech Recognition in the Air Traffic Control Simulation Dirk Schaefer Human Factors
5 A Review of Civil Aviation Accidents Air Traffic Management Related Accidents:1980-1999 Gerard W.H. van Es Safety
8 Simulation of CTAS/FMS Air Traffic Management Todd Callantine, Thomas Prevt, Nancy Smith, Everett Palmer Air/Ground Cooperation
9 An Operational Assessment of Terminal and En Route Free Flight Capabilities David Knorr, Joseph Post, Marilyn Walker, Daniel Howell Decision Support Tools/Collaborative Decision Making
11 Traffic Flow Management (TFM) weather Rerouting Joseph E. Sherry, C.G. Ball, S.M. Zobell Improving Traffic Flow - Optimization and Demand Management
13 Safety Assessments of ADS-B and ASAS Andrew Zeitlin Safety
14 Development and Validation of the controller acceptance rating scale (CARS): Results of Empirical Research Katharine K. Lee, Karol Kerns, Randall Bone, Monicarol Nickelson Human Factors
15 Determination of Minimum Push-Back and Taxi-Out Time Predictability Needed For Near-Term Departure Scheduling using DEPARTS Wayne W. Cooper, Satish C. Mohleji, Carl D. Burke, J. Glenn Foster, Michael J. Mills... Decision Support Tools/Collaborative Decision Making
16 Controller and Pilot Error in Surface Operations Kim Cardosi Safety
17 Flight Deck Simulations of Station Keeping Michael Agelii, Christian Olausson Air/Ground Cooperation
18 Analytical and Empirical Analysis of the Impacts of Restricting Airspace John M. Falker, James K. Kuchar Improving Traffic Flow - Optimization and Demand Management
22 The Effect of Aircraft Wake Vortex Separation on Air Transportation Capacity George Donohue, David K. Rutishauser Safety
24 Estimation of Airport Capacity through the Determination of the Tower Controller Time Load Francisco Montoto, Nicolas Suarez Human Factors
35 A Strategic and Tactical Tool for ATFM Planning based on Statistics and Probability Theory Colin Goodchild, Miguel A. Vilaplana, Stefano Elefante Improving Traffic Flow - Optimization and Demand Management
38 Required Total System Performance and Results of a Short Term Conflict Alert Simulation Study Arek Shakarian, Aslaug Haraldsdottir Safety
39 A System Dynamics Tool for Economic Performance Assessment in Air Traffic Management Jean-Claude Hustache, Marco Gibellini, Paula Leal De Matos Improving Traffic Flow - Optimization and Demand Management
48 Airborne Use of Traffic Intent Information in a Distributed Air-Ground Traffic Management Concept: Experiment Design and Preliminary Results David J. Wing, Richard J. Adams, Bryan E. Barmore, Donald Moses Air/Ground Cooperation
50 Shared-Separation: Empirical Results and Theoretical Implications Karen DiMeo, Parimal Kopardekar, Rose Ashford, Sandy Lozito, Margaret-Anne Mackintosh Air/Ground Cooperation
54 Airspace Fractal Dimensions and Applications Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang Metrics, Weather, Environment
60 Accident Risk Assessment of Simultaneous Converging Instrument Approaches Henk A.P. Blom, Margriet Klompstra, Bert Bakker Safety

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