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1 Arrival/Departure Capacity Tradeoff Optimization: A Case Study At The St. Louis Lambert International Airport (Stl) Eugene Gilbo Airport Management
3 An Aggregate Dynamic Stochastic Model For An Air Traffic System Banavar Sridhar Metrics and Performance Management
5 Potential Benefits Of A Time-Based Separation Procedure To Maintain The Arrival Capacity Of An Airport In Strong Head-Wind Conditions Elsa Freville, Jean-Pierre Nicolaon, Antoine Vidal, Peter Crick Airport Management
7 Measurement And Prediction Of Dynamic Density Parimal Kopardekar, Sherri Magyarits Metrics and Performance Management
9 Airborne Separation Assurance Validation With Multiple Humans-In-The-Loop Jacco Hoekstra, Jaap Groeneweg, Ronald van Traffic Flow Optimisation
10 Atm System Status Analysis Methodology Luis Negrete, Alvaro Urech, Francisco Saez Metrics and Performance Management
12 Data Processing Techniques For Conflict Detection On Airport Surface Jesus Garcia, Juan A, Gonzalo de, Javier I Airport Management
14 Regaining Lost Separation In A Piloted Simulation Of Autonomous Aircraft Operations Richard Barhydt, Todd Eischeid, Michael Palmer, David Wing Air Ground Cooperation
15 Improving Trajectory Forecasting Through Adaptive Filtering Techniques Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang Decision Support
16 Free Flight Program Update Joseph Post, David Knorr Decision Support
17 Airborne Conflict Management Within Confined Airspace In A Piloted Simulation Of Dag-Tm Autonomous Aircraft Operations Bryan Barmore, Edward Johnson, David Wing, Richard Barhydt Air Ground Cooperation
18 Analysis Of Terminal Separation Standards And Radar Performance Steven Bussolari Student Session
19 Human-In-The-Loop Evaluation Of A Multi-Strategy Traffic Management Decision Support Capability Craig Wanke, Norma Taber, Shane Miller, Celesta Ball, Lynne Fellman Decision Support
23 Estimating The En Route Efficiency Benefits Pool Daniel Howell, Michael Bennett, James Bonn, Dave Knorr Metrics and Performance Management
24 A General Approach To Equity In Traffic Flow Management And Its Application To Mitigating Exemption Bias In Ground Delay Programs Michael Ball, Thomas Vossen, Robert Hoffman, Mike Wambsganss Traffic Flow Optimisation
25 Initial Evaluation Of Uret Enhancements To Support Tfm Flow Initiatives, Severe Weather Avoidance And Cpdlc Daniel Kirk, Richard Bolczak Decision Support
26 The Big Iron Almira Williams, Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang, Steve Bradford, Richard Jehlen Decision Support
27 Real-Time Conflict-Free Trajectory Optimization Matthew Jardin Traffic Flow Optimisation
28 Standardizing Performance Metrics Tamara Breunig, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang Metrics and Performance Management
31 Air Traffic Control Command Monitoring System Based On Information Integration Zhengping Ma, Peng Cheng, Deguang Cui Decision Support

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