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42 Preliminary Results From A European Safety R&D Program Barry Kirwan Safety
43 Airline Operations Managers: An Introduction To The Third Leg Of The National Air Transportation System Karen Feigh, Amy Pritchett Traffic Flow Optimization
44 Organizational Issues And Safety Culture In Atm, Part 1: Stability Analysis Esa Ek, Roland Akselsson Human Factors
46 The Feasibility Of Measuring Capacity In A Real-Time Atm Simulation Independent Of Subjective Controller Workload Measurement Kevin Corker, Rod Gingell Metrics and Performance Management (System Arch)
47 Variability Of Contrail Formation Conditions And The Implications For Policies To Reduce The Climate Impacts Of Aviation Victoria Williams, Robert Noland Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
53 Environmental Tradeoffs Assessment Around Airports Jean-Claude HUSTACHE, Alan MELROSE Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
55 Flight Efficiency Studies In Europe And The United States Tarja Kettunen, Jean-Claude Hustache Metrics and Performance Management (System Arch)
57 Quantitatively Estimating Wake Vortex Safety Using P2P Model Yue Xie, John Shortle Safety
59 Design For Innovation In Atm Patrizia Marti, Margherita Bacigalupo Innovative ATM Concepts
60 Spacing Instructions In Approach: Benefits And Limits From An Air Traffic Controller Perspective Karim Zeghal, Isabelle Grimaud Air Ground Cooperation
62 Impact Of Factors, Conditions And Metrics On Trajectory Prediction Accuracy Stephane Mondoloni, Ibrahim Bayraktutar Decision Support
66 Expanding The Use Of Time-Based Metering: Multi-Center Traffic Management Advisor Steven Landry, Ty Hoang Traffic Flow Optimization
67 Relationship Of The Aircraft Mix Index With Performance And Objective Workload Evaluation Research (Power) Measures And Complexity Ratings Elaine Pfleiderer Human Factors
68 Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Model For Air Traffic Flow Management With En Route And Airport Capacity Constraints Avijit Mukherjee, Mark Hansen Traffic Flow Optimization
69 Extent And Impact Of Future Nas Capacity Shortfalls In The United States: A Socio-Economic Demand Study Earl Wingrove, David Ballard Undefined
73 Estimation Of Delay Propagation In Aviation System Using Bayesian Network Ning Xu, George Donohue Innovative ATM Concepts
76 Airborne Precision Spacing In Merging Terminal Arrival Routes: A Fast-Time Simulation Study Karthik Krishnamurthy, Bryan Barmore Air Ground Cooperation
78 Human Factors Implications Of Continuous Descent Approach Procedures For Noise Abatement In Air Traffic Control Hayley Davison Reynolds, Tom Reynolds Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
80 Air Ground Communications Miami Controller Pilot Data Link Communications Summary And Assessment John Gonda, William Saumsiegle Decision Support
82 Applying Qualitative Hazard Analysis To Support Quantitative Safety Analysis For Proposed Reduced Wake Separation Conops John Shortle, Michael Allocco Safety

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