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84 Joint Nasa Ames/Langley Experimental Evaluation Of Integrated Air/Ground Operations For En Route Free Maneuvering Richard Barhydt, Parimal Kopardekar Air Ground Cooperation
88 Emergence And Impact Of Secondary Airports In The United States Philippe Bonnefoy, R. John Hansman Airspace Management
89 Ground-Side Perspective On Mixed Operations With Self-Separating And Controller-Managed Aircraft Paul Lee, Thomas Prevot Air Ground Cooperation
90 Controller-Pilot Radio Channel Utilization And Cognitive Issues Jasenka Rakas, Tatjana Bolic Human Factors
91 A Preliminary Analysis Of The Impact Of Miles-In-Trail Restrictions On Nas Flight Operations Mark Klopfenstein, Jon Mintzer Metrics and Performance Management (System Arch)
94 The Link Between Operational Performance And Operational Errors In The National Airspace System Mark Hansen, Yu Zhang Safety
98 On The Integration Of Human Performance And Collision Risk Simulation Models Of Runway Operation Kevin Corker, Henk Blom Human Factors
99 A Method For Rating The Severity Of Runway Incursions Kim Cardosi, Daniel Hannon Safety
100 User Request Evaluation Tool (Uret) Adoption And Adaptation; Three Center Case Study Tatjana Bolic, Mark Hansen Human Factors
102 Managing Sector Congestion Using Airspace Restriction Planner Parimal Kopardekar, Steve Green Decision Support
105 Conflict Perception By Atcs Admits Doubt But Not Inconsistency Philippe Averty Human Factors
108 Quantifying Convective Delay Reduction Benefits For Weather/Atm Systems James Evans, Michael Robinson Decision Support
109 Evaluating En Route Congestion Management Through Iinteractive Simulation Michael Brennan, Christopher Ermatinger Traffic Flow Optimization
113 Estimation Of Arrival Capacity And Utilization At Major Airports Antony Evans, Husni Idris Metrics and Performance Management (System Arch)
114 Modeling Delays And Cancellation Probabilities To Support Strategic Simulations David Lovell, Avijit Mukherjee Metrics and Performance Management (System Arch)
115 Co-Operative Air Traffic Management: A Technology Enabled Concept For The Next Generation Air Transportation System Thomas Prevot, Joey Mercer Innovative ATM Concepts
116 Response Mechanisms For Dynamic Air Traffic Flow Management Michael Ball, Robert Hoffman Traffic Flow Optimization
118 An Analysis Of Potential Capacity Enhancements Through Wind Dependent Wake Turbulence Procedures Jeff Tittsworth, Clark Lunsford Airport Management
119 The Factors Affecting Airspace Capacity In Europe: A Framework Methodology Based On Cross Sectional Time-Series Analysis Using Simulated Controller Wo Arnab Majumdar, Washington Ochieng Undefined
120 Safety Analysis For Advanced Separation Concepts John Andrews Safety

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