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122 Cockpit Display Of Traffic Information (Cdti) Assisted Visual Separation (Cavs): Pilot Acceptability Of A Spacing Task During A Visual Approach Randall Bone Air Ground Cooperation
123 Integration Of Downlink Aircraft Parameters In A French En Route Atc Hmi Vincent Kapp Decision Support
124 Sourdine Ii Assessment Aspects Of Noise Abatement Procedures Ruud den Boer Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
125 Benefits Obtained From The Estimation And Distribution Of Realistic Taxi Times Jose Miguel de Pablo Guerrero, Patricia Pina Calafi Airport Management
129 Analyzing Air Traffic Management Systems Using Agent-Based Modeling And Simulation Amy Pritchett Innovative ATM Concepts
130 Tactical Departure Management With The Eurocontrol / Dlr Dman Dietmar Bohme Airport Management
131 Shifting The Atm Paradigm: From The Use Of System Resources To The Management Of Objectives Laurent Guichard, Sandrine Guibert Innovative ATM Concepts
132 Linking Existing On Ground, Arrival And Departure Operations Jose Miguel de Pablo Guerrero, Patricia Pina Airport Management
133 As Rapid As Paper Strips? Evaluation Of Vertidigi, A New Control Tool For Terminal Sectors Railane Benhacene, Anthony Marion Human Factors
134 Verification And Validation Results From The Operational A-Smgcs Field Trials Of The Project Beta Christoph Meier Airport Management

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