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Paper 1 -- An Efficient Method For Airspace Analysis And Partitioning Based On Equalized Traffic Mass

We present a potential new partitioning mechanism for NAS-scale airspace that utilizes a high-resolution hexagonal grid. We use the Traffic Mass metric: total aircraft position report (ETMS TZ hit) count in each grid cell or airspace sector/center. Its relationship to Workload metrics is discussed. We describe a fast algorithm that processes large amounts of traffic data and creates potential airspace center boundaries starting from a selected number of seed locations. The airspace partitioning is based on the Equalized Traffic Mass principle: total traffic counts for each center must be about equal, with busy centers being smaller in size than centers with sparser traffic. The same principle can be applied to sector boundary design inside a center. By selecting appropriate seed locations (e.g. around major airports or along major flows), we can control how the algorithm grows the Centers. We discus possible applications and extensions of the algorithm, including TZ hit rate as a metric, delta-traffic-mass comparisons, effects severe weather patterns and temporal changes in traffic flows on the elasticity of the airspace boundaries generated by the algorithm. Finally, we outline future work, including the use of fast-time simulation tools in conjunction with grid-based air traffic analysis.
Theme: Airspace Management
Keywords: partitioning
Posted by: Alexander Klein
Note: Unset Received On Dec 16, 2005

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