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Paper 2 -- An Analysis of Potential Capacity Enhancements Through Wind Dependent Wake Turbulence Procedures

Abstract The FAA and NASA are jointly embarking on a multi-phased research and development program to develop and implement wake avoidance solutions that can safely reduce separations and improve capacity at airports in the NAS. The mid-term phase of the research focuses on the potential application of wind-dependent procedures for improved departure operations from Closely Spaced Parallel Runways (CSPR) in the U.S. This paper describes the research performed to date by the research team, including the FAA, Lambert St. Louis International Airport operational staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory and MITRE/CAASD. It describes the operational concept, the wind prediction algorithms being developed to support this concept and an analysis of expected algorithm performance. In addition, this paper addresses the information requirements for a decision support tool to support this procedure and the potential benefits that may be realized by this procedure at several CSPR airports in realistic weather and traffic demand encountered in recent years. NASA is in early stages of extending this wind-dependent solution for other operations such as single runway departures. The paper also describes the thrust of these evolutionary concepts and the directions of research.
Theme: Airport Management
Posted by: Steven Lang
Note: Unset Received On Dec 16, 2005

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