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Paper 19 -- Assessment Of The 3D-Separation Of Air Traffic Flows

This paper is a continuation of [1] and [2], where two algorithms were introduced, allocating optimal separated 3D-trajectories to the main traffic flows. The reader may also refer to [3] (PhD thesis, in french) for more details. In [1], these algorithms -- an algorithm for the sequential strategy, and an evolutionary algorithm for the global optimization -- were tried on a toy problem, and the two strategies were compared. In [2], the algorithms were again briefly introduced and illustrated on the same toy problem, and then applied to real traffic data, using operational aircraft performances, but with only one 3D-trajectory per flow. In this paper, we present more realistic models of 3D-flows, with several trajectories per origin-destination link. The 3D-separation concept is then assessed by comparing the conflicts detected in a traffic of reference, with the conflicts detected when the aircraft belonging to the main traffic flows follow separated 3D-trajectories.
Theme: Airspace Management
Posted by: David Gianazza / Other authors: Nicolas Durand
Note: Unset Received On Dec 16, 2005

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