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Paper 27 -- Improvement On The Acceptance Of A Conflict Resolution System By Air Traffic Controllers

New air traffic management concepts for increasing the capacity of the air space use a longer-term planning than with todays systems realized. The temporally and spatially expanded air space exceeds the cognitive capabilities of humans. Therefore air traffic controllers must be supported technically in terms of conflict detection and resolution. Abstractions of specific conflict resolutions are called conflict resolution strategies. These strategies describe the way of generating solutions, and are independent of the actual conflict situation except for conflict describing parameters. The air traffic controllers knowledge about conflict solving was investigated in a literature research. This knowledge was then formulated in the form of hypotheses and examined in a questionnaire-based investigation with air traffic controllers of the German air navigation service provider Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS). All hypotheses could be confirmed and besides further knowledge was gained.The examined hypotheses were then, for further information-technical processing, transformed into a decision tree. This forms the basis for the model of the conflict resolution assistance, which was then transferred with methods of object-oriented software design into a software model and was implemented as software component. The newly created software component was then integrated in the air traffic simulation system of the Technical University Berlin, in order to be validated in a scenario-based real time simulation with air traffic controllers of the German air navigation service provider (DFS). The evaluation investigation showed an increased acceptance of the conflict resolution assistance system with controllers knowledge, compared to a system without controllers knowledge
Theme: Decision Support
Posted by: Rainer Flicker / Other authors: Manfred Fricke
Note: Unset Received On Dec 16, 2005

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